Rabbi Yisrael and Elisheva Malkiel: Michaelmas 2012 – Easter 2016

Before coming to Cambridge, Yisrael spent the last few years teaching Jewish texts and studying Islamic and Middle Eastern studies at Hebrew University. He enjoys music, history, good drinks and (good) humour! Elisheva studied Social Work at Hebrew University and has been working with individuals dealing with mental health disorders and drugs. She recently initiated a women’s Jewish learning programme in her hometown community of Yakar in Jerusalem. She loves Yoga, art, acting and singing!

Rabbi Simon and Sarah Mandel: Michaelmas 2010 – Easter 2012

Shalom to all Cambridge students! We are the chaplaincy couple, Simon and Sarah Mandel and we would love to introduce ourselves.

Simon: “I have been studying in Yeshiva for the past seven years while denying that my main interests also include football, squash, tennis and desserts. I would really like to get to know you all so don’t be too surprised if you get a call or email from me inviting you out for a drink.”

Sarah: “I am the creative force behind Simon’s appetite for desserts. For the past four years I have been managing an organisation called NGO Monitor and another institution called the Mandel family.”

The Kids: “We are Gila (five), Yonatan (four) and Chana (two). We don’t understand why all British children walk around the supermarket so calmly when the isles are so wide and you can run and hang off the trolleys. Other than that we understand everything perfectly.”