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How to Become a Member

Looking to become part of one of those vibrant societies in Cambridge? Eager to maintain your Jewish identity at university? Worried that you need something to replace mum’s sumptuous roast chicken on a Friday night? Hoping to catch the eye of that one lucky gal or guy over a weekly gemarah session? Sign up to CUJS today! Community, Judaism, kosher meals and shidduchim… What more could you want?

Most of all, members earn discounts on our Shabbat meals and great events, so you’ll quickly recoup the fee!

To join, click the button below and purchase membership via the website of our partner, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS). Note, this will require you to create an account with UJS in order to complete the transaction.

Membership costs:

  • £15 per year

    Your membership will expire after one year, after which it can be renewed.

  • £30 for life

    The best value membership deal!

Mailing Lists

To find out about our events and keep in touch with us, please subscribe to the following email lists:

  • The CUJS Mailing List is the main mailing list, notifying you of our regular events.
  • The Chaplains’ Mailing List is the the mailing list for our Jewish Chaplains – Rabbi Mordecai Zeller and Lea Taragin-Zeller – notifying you of their regular events.
  • The Egalitarian Minyan Mailing List is the mailing list notifying you of their service times and events.
  • The Gabbai Mailing List is the the mailing list for the Orthodox Minyan – notifying you of service times and events.