Dear Freshers,

Welcome to Cambridge! And, more specifically, welcome to Cambridge JSoc!

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whenever you’re keen, Cambridge JSoc is here for you. We put on so many different events and you are invited to absolutely everything. We are sure that within your inevitably hectic Cambridge lives, JSoc can be a big part of your journey. We thought that we would give you a quick introduction to different parts of Jewish life at Cambridge. Of course, if you have more questions, then you can always feel free to speak to any of us!

Basic Information

1) Join our JSoc Freshers’ Facebook group here, where you can meet all of the other JSoc Freshers and hear more about our Fresher events!

2) Here is our Pre-Term Event on Facebook – if you haven’t already clicked attending, do! If you’ve got trouble doing so, then tell us!

3) Fill in our Freshers’ sign-up form at

4) Soon to be released: Term Planner, with lots of terrific information and the dates and times of all of our events.

Meals and Membership – Important!

Two very important things:

1)    It is also important that you become a member of JSoc as soon as possible for cheaper meals and better deals. Do that now!

2) Book yourself onto meals for pre-term Shabbat (29th – 30th September), your first proper Cambridge Shabbat (Freshers’ Friday Night) (5th October) and also for all of the Jewish festival meals this term (details on how to book coming soon).

Contact Details

Prayer Times

  • Weekday Shacharit/Morning Prayers: 8.00am, 7:45am on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Traditional Shabbat Evening Prayers:
    • Orthodox Minyan Service at 3 Thompson’s Lane: 6.00pm
    • Egalitarian Minyan Service also at 3 Thompson’s Lane: 6.00pm
  • Shabbat Morning Prayers: 9.30am
  • Shabbat Mincha: Depends on the day.
  • Cholent Society: Straight after Mincha.
  • Shabbat Ma’ariv: At the termination of Shabbat.